For my wife and I this was the best car buying experience we’ve ever had. After going from one place to the next and having our time wasted for months hearing…”you’ll need to make a deposit before you look at it” or “I’ll take you for a drive after we make a deal” It was refreshing to hear Hesham say “here are the keys.. take your time”. We purchased a 2014 Audi Q5 S line. Hesham was very honest and straightforward from the start and didn’t feign car knowledge like many car salesmen do as he displayed extensive knowledge about multiple cars including one we previously owned. He was upfront with us about an issue he was having with the turbo and wrote into the purchase agreement that he would replace the whole turbo assembly if he couldn’t resolve the issue. After replacing parts to no avail Hesham replaced the turbo as promised. What amazing commitment to service! We would definitely recommend Nassari if you’re looking for an honest and hassle free car buying experience. Mike & Tina